Seers of visions

For all time, mankind has been trying to read the future in the shape of clouds, smoke or bowels, trying to decipher invisible signs, looking for hints of what will be next. What these intercessors saw in the trajectory of birds or following the lines of the hand, was it visions or fictions? Maybe that’s the same thing, revealing the hopes and expectations of humanity. 

Nowadays, behaviours and patterns are predicted through algorithm and artificial intelligence, opening new predictive grounds for compagnies and gouvernements, but also whole new imaginative and critical fields for artists. Digital technologies also provide artists ever renewed tools to give life to the visions inside their mind. At the same time, in a world drowned in images, the need to reconnect with the elements surrounding us and with other living beings seems stronger than ever, offering other kinds of endless visions, and inspiring different ways to decipher the world.

Through a website and a video programme, Seers of visions will provide an exploration of a dozen of artist’s works questioning our beliefs, at the crossroad of magic, technologies and politics, exploring contemporary divinatory practices, inviting us to witness invisible phenomenons, in an expanded attention including non-human perceptions of the world.

Let our eyes and mind wander into these shared visions, to look for signs, or to dive into a moment of contemplation. 

Curator : Lucie Ménard

Seers of vision is an online exhibition presented within the frame of The wrong biennale, from november 2021 to march 2022.